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Markus Weber


Markus grew up at Weyga Farms near Camrose, Alberta where he managed their Gelbvieh cow-calf herd. He has always looked for ways to quantify his family’s farming operations. He is passionate about developing on-farm datasets and using those effectively for management and investment decisions. 

Markus earned his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, MBA and law degrees from the University of Alberta and is a Professional Agrologist. After seven years as a senior manager with the Government of Nunavut, he found his way back to agriculture in 2011 as a consultant at Serecon. Serecon has offices in Edmonton and Calgary and specializes in the business of agriculture. 

Markus has focused largely on quantitative analyses and sustainability modelling, as well as agriculture industry studies, GIS technologies, and producer-focused tool development. He is also co-founder of LandView agricultural drones, but is here today to talk about the cleaning & disinfection SOP tool that Serecon developed for BC poultry this past year.