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David Hermans

Dr Hermans David was born in 1982 in Belgium. He completed his degree of Industrial Engineer in Biochemistry in 2007, followed by a Master in Molecular Biotechnology in 2008 at Ghent University. In 2012, he completed a PhD in Veterinary Medicine at the department of Pathology, Bacteriology and Poultry Diseases of Ghent University, sponsored by the Federal Public Service Health in Belgium. During his PhD he studied the effect of several intervention measures (additives, passive immunization, …) to control Campylobacter in poultry, by means of several animal and in vitro models. 

In 2013, David Hermans started working for Nuscience as Product Developer Poultry, a position he currently still holds. He is responsible for the formulation and development of new products and concepts for poultry nutrition & health, by performing in vitro and poultry trials at Nuscience’s own research facilities and external research institutes, worldwide. Besides that he provides technical support and trainings, is actively involved in EU research projects and participates in (inter)national symposia and conferences.