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BC Turkey Association

The BC Turkey Association (BCTA) was formed in 1951 under the Societies Act and was mainly a social venue for turkey farmers in BC. The BCTA is currently involved in the following Committees: Biosecurity, the Sustainable Poultry Farming Group, the BC Poultry Association, BC Agriculture Council and Emergency Response. The BCTA believes in giving back by participating in the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation and giving to the Union Gospel Mission with funds from the charity golf tournament, co-hosted with the BC Egg Marketing Board.

The BCTA represents 60 commercial turkey farms in British Columbia. In 2021, BC turkey farmers grew a total of 22,024,395 kg of turkey meat, with farm gate sales of $50.5 million. Production is located all over the province and there are 15 farms producing Free Range and Organic turkeys.

There are two mandatory on-farms programs in British Columbia that ensure a high standard of care for the turkeys we raise: On-Farm Food Safety Program© and the Flock Care Program©. The BCTA works closely with the BC Turkey Marketing Board and all industry partners to promote safe, quality and nutritious turkey products in our province.

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