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BC Broiler hatching egg producers' association

You don’t get the chicken without the egg!

The hatching egg industry is the beginning of the supply chain for the chicken industry. BC is the third largest hatching egg producing province supplying approximately 15% of the Canadian market share.

There are 51 Hatching Egg Producers throughout the province who are committed to continuing the legacy of family farming.

All farms are family owned, operated with pride, and adhere to strict Food Safety and Biosecurity protocols. This results in healthy birds producing quality hatching eggs that ensures quality meat for the consumer.

In 2017, the BC hatching egg industry produced 9,277,191 dozen hatching eggs valued at over $49 million. That resulted in over 172 million kilograms of eviscerated chicken produced for consumption in our province.

The new entrant program allots 5,000 broiler breeder pullets of placement quota under the new producer program, helping those interested in starting to farm in the hatching egg industry (BCBHEC Consolidated Order May 2016).

For more information, please visit: about-bcbhepa/