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tips on exhibiting successfully

tips on how to make the most out of your time at the bc poultry conference 2019 

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Preparation Phase

Questions to ask to yourself to enhance your exposure and the attendees level of satisfaction:

  • Why do you want to exhibit?
  • Which message do you want to bring across?
  • What is your primary goal to Exhibit?

Asking yourself these questions will help you prepare your goals before the start of the show.

Attendees have decision making influence! They don't just go around to see the show, make sure you understand and engage them. Make sure to meet their expectations:

  • Current information
  • Evaluate and compare products
  • Hands on interaction and demos
  • Education

design your exhibit table 

What does a well - designed table look like? Your Exhibit space should help you facilitate engagement and communication.

  • It's inviting - Add whimsy and an open atmosphere
  • It's entertaining - Have an activity or hands on demo, get attendees involved 
  • It's educational - What can you bring in to educate delegates?
  • It's memorable - Incorporate themes for your products and services, use multi-sensory components to create an environment tied to your message. Have a message you want to deliver. 

How can you create a F2F experience that's available only in your booth? 

  • Hands on demos
  • Ask questions and develop relationships to tie your product/ service to their needs
    • What are you looking for ____? 
    • What is your challenge with ____? 
  • Create a visual game to promote your message - gamification is a trend right now! 

What makes a good exhibit staff? 

  • Knowledge of product/services
  • Approachable - you're not on your phone or computer!
  • Good communicator - Listen more, talk less
  • Good at time management - Don't get sucked into long conversations, make sure you have time to speak to everyone 
  • Qualifies attendees - Understands your attendees - Their level of interest, timelines & budget



  • You shall not sit 
    • Stand and engage! You don't want to look lazy and disengaged
    • Wear comfy shoes
  • You shall not create barriers to traffic
    • Don't block access to you with literature or pop up banners! 
  • You shall not eat or drink
    • People don't want to talk to you if you're eating
  • You shall not accost people in the aisles
    • Attract people, don't attack people - stay in your exhibit space
  • You shall not talk to your co-workers or on cell phones
    • If you need to be on your phone, best to do it away from your exhibit space, otherwise it sends a message that you're not interested in talking
  • You shall not put your hands in your pockets
    • Bad body language, gives the appearance you're bored
  • You shall not put out every piece of literature you have
    • It creates clutter


  • 80% of trade show leads aren't followed up
  • Manage leads as a result of GDPR
    • You need documented consent from attendee to be contacted
    • Inform them what data you're collecting and why 
  • Timely 
    • First follow up should be within 48 hours, a thank you email and confirm what is the next step
    • Next step should be within 10 days (whatever you promised to send them)
    • Final follow up - 30 days. If you sent them a package, follow up after
  • Personalized 
    • Don't be general, remember your interaction and recall it in your follow up
  • Reinforce
    • What you talked about in your space
  • Satisfy 
    • What did they ask you? Are you doing what they asked? (you're sending a document requested, sample, etc.) 


  • Send education based follow up, not everything has to be a sales document or pitch. Send them info based on their challenges or interest
  • Invite them to an event near their region/city