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BC Broiler Hatching Egg Producers’ Association (BCBHEPA)

You don’t get the chicken without the egg! 

The hatching egg industry is the beginning of the supply chain for the chicken industry. BC is the third largest hatching egg producing province supplying approximately 15% of the Canadian market share.

There are 53 Hatching Egg Producers throughout the province who are committed to continuing the legacy of family farming.

All farms are family owned, operated with pride, and adhere to strict Food Safety and Biosecurity protocols. This results in healthy birds producing quality hatching eggs that ensures quality meat for the consumer.

In 2016, the BC hatching egg industry produced 8,781,647 dozen hatching eggs valued at over $45 million. That resulted in over 167 million kilograms of eviscerated chicken produced for consumption in our province.

The new entrant program allots 5,000 broiler breeder pullets of placement quota under the new producer program, helping those interested in starting to farm in the hatching egg industry (BCBHEC Consolidated Order May 2016). For more information, please visit: http://www.bcbhec.com/about-bcbhepa/



In 2016, there were 329 commercial chicken growers in BC, producing 227,118,898 kg live weight of chicken, an increase of 4.3% over 2015. The production can be broken down as follows:  94.5% mainstream broilers, 2.7% organic broilers, 2.3% Taiwanese Chickens and .5% Silkie chicken. 

From 2005 to 2016, BCCMB has distributed 814,180 kg (per 8 week cycle) of quota to 60 new entrant growers, Through this program, BCCMB was able to channel production to support the development of three new processing facilities in BC, serving specialty and regional markets:  Farm Crest Foods, Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry and Island Farmhouse Poultry.  Farm Crest Foods in Salmon Arm serves a regional market in the Interior with mainstream and specialty non-GMO and raised without antibiotics chicken.  Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry in Chilliwack BC processes specialty Asian and organic chicken.  Island Farmhouse in Cowichan Bay serves a regional market on Vancouver Island.  BC Chicken growers are proud to supply BC consumers with fresh local chicken and a choice in how their chicken is raised.

For more information, please visit: http://bcchicken.ca/index.php/about-bc-chicken/bc-chicken-growers-association/



BC Egg is a non-profit organization that represents approximately 140 family owned and operated egg farms. These farmers support an industry that feeds its neighbours by providing what could be best described as the perfect food. Our small-scale farms mean that real people are making responsible decisions about the welfare of their hens. Our eggs are produced in a manner that reflects the spirit of responsibility, accountability and integrity of all our stakeholders. Our eggs meet or exceed consumer expectations for safety, quality, nutrition, protection of the environment and animal welfare.

Today, BC egg farmers produce approximately 80,430,010 dozen eggs generating over $170 million in farm cash receipts. As a local business, egg farmers are able to create a stronger, more viable economy for our current and future generations.

For more information, please visit: http://www.bcegg.com.



The BC Turkey Association (BCTA) was formed in 1951 under the Societies Act and was mainly a social venue for turkey farmers in BC. The BCTA is currently involved in the following Committees: Biosecurity, the Sustainable Poultry Farming Group, the BC Poultry Association, BC Agriculture Council and Emergency Response. The BCTA believes in giving back by participating in Ag in the Classroom and to the Union Gospel Mission with funds from the charity golf tournament that is co-hosted with the BC egg industry.

The BCTA represents 67 commercial turkey farms in British Columbia.  In 2016, BC turkey farmers grew a total of 25,420,780 kg of turkey meat, with farm gate sales of over $50 million.  Production is located all over the province and there are over 10 farms producing Free Range and Organic turkeys.  All other growers produce free run turkeys inside temperature controlled barns.  All turkeys are provided food and water 24 hours a day.

There are three mandatory on-farms programs in British Columbia that ensure a high standard of care for the turkeys we raise:  the BC Biosecurity Program, On-Farm Food Safety Program (need an R in a circle here) and the Flock Care Program (again need an R in a circle here).  The BCTA works closely with the BC Turkey Marketing Board and all industry partners to promote safe, quality and nutritious turkey products in our province.

For more information, please visit http://www.bcturkey.com