Building upon two successful years, the BC Poultry Conference will continue to grow and innovate for a third consecutive year. Bringing all four poultry sectors together in one conference benefits all industry partners. The nature of the industry is changing at a fast pace and the impacts of the marketplace and government policy have become more pervasive. As we continue this format and relationship, we look to strengthen our shared vision and goals to better the industry as a whole.

The BC Poultry Conference is hosted by:

  • BC Broiler Hatching Egg Producers’ Association (BCBHEPA)
  • BC Chicken Growers’ Association (BCCGA)
  • BC Egg Marketing Board (BCEMB)
  • BC Turkey Association (BCTA)

The annual conference takes place February 28th - March 2, 2018 and will provide industry themed sessions to give attendees the opportunity to share, learn and network in a highly engaging setting.

Recognizing the need for the poultry industry to come together and represent our broad industry community, the BC Poultry Conference aims to benefit from increased exposure and attendance growth by hosting each commodity’s AGM along with a unique trade show, education sessions, and an industry gala.

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